Tip 2: Make sure your customers find you for the right reasons.

Tip 2: Make sure your customers find you for the right reasons.This boils down to making sure that the keyword phrases that people type in the search box will find you if what you have to offer is after the same goal.

The worst thing you can do is try to bring traffic to your website. Remember we are growing up and it is time for people to know our character and what we stand for. Basically, you want quality over quantity.

Now you ask, "How do you get that?" The answer is 'Keyword Phrases'. This is where people start to get a little cocky. Yes, you will need keyword phrases that people are actually looking for, but do not get so bogged down finding the right keyword phrases that you stunt your growth.

Remember one key point; if the keyword phrase does not turn into a sale, then, basically, you are just a stepping stone for them to gather information to find the right product, company, or person they are looking for online. You want to be what I call the 'Final Destination'. So when you think of keyword phrases do not think of keyword or keyword phrase of just two words. you want to think of a three to four word phrase that brings them to you because they have done all the research with one or two keyword phrases and now they are ready to 'Arrive'.

This, of course, is a whole chapter "Chapter 2: Finding the right keyword phrases."