Tip 1: SEO does not have to be an enigma wrapped up in a mystery.

When people think of SEO, the first thing that usually pops in their head is that this is going to be an unsolvable maze before they even start; but all mazes usually have a beginning and an end. So lets put our first foot forward and start down the yellow brick road of SEO.

The first thing one must do is have a website that a search engine spider ( fancy way for saying algorithm ) can find. Let me go ahead and show you a trick just so you know what a spider has found on your site.

Open your favorite browser and go to www.google.com and type in the search bar:

site:www.magnetiks.com ( do not forget to substitute your domain name instead of mine ) --> then click search.

Now you will see a page, hopefully, with a lot of pages ( it will tell you in the right hand side how many pages it has indexed )

Now if you see only one page and you know your website contains more than one, then you are right. we have some work to do; but if you see a lot of pages, then you have some tweaking ( or modifying ) to make your site more search engine friendly.

Lets think of your website like your life. If you are just a baby, your website is just getting its big toe in the water and has not had hardly any experiences so it's to be expected that you will make some mistakes; but hey, you are a baby. give yourself a break; but now it is time to grow up and meet some people and start to network out. This is exactly what your website needs to do. It needs to branch out and start to grow.

So step one is easy. It is the selfish stage where you go 'Look at me! Look at me!' because you need to be found by the search engines. So step 1 is make your site available to find on the internet.

Lets take a look at Rule 2: Finding the right keyword phrases.