Web Analytics & Tracking

The Web Analytics Association defines it as "the objective tracking, collection, measurement, reporting and analysis of quantitative Internet data to optimize website and marketing initiatives." In other words web analytics tracking in Houston and The Woodlands, Texas lets you understand your visitors, track traffic patterns, and more. Now you no longer have to wonder how well SEO is working for your site! Web Analytics makes it easy to track your ROI for optimization performance.

Web analytics tracking can be used for both pay per click and organic search engine optimization. By tracking all of the incoming and outgoing traffic, you can find out what you need to improve your website's search engine optimization strategy. Any changes you make to improve your optimization plan can also be tracked and compared to your previous strategy.

Benefits of web analytics tracking in Houston and The Woodlands, Texas include:

  • Number of unique visitors
  • Number of repeat visitors
  • Which search engines are sending the traffic
  • Which keywords are most used in finding your site
  • PPC links vs. Organic searches
  • How long visitors are on your site
  • Page by page visits of visitors to track where they are going on your site
  • Weekly and Monthly reports
  • And more!

The expert guidance of the Magnetiks Internet Marketing team will help you execute the numerous types of data tracking and analysis necessary to achieve your search engine optimization strategy and give you an edge over your competition. Contact us or call (281) 362-9855 today!