Title Keyword Description (TKD)

Titles, keywords, and descriptions are all Meta tags located in the head tag of an html page. These tags are the first words that a search engine spider sees on your site. If they are done correctly, the spiders will have a clear picture of what your site is about and where to place it within the search engine. However, many people either do not know of this importance or they put information into the tags that are ineffective in getting search engine placement.

A typical web page design contains a title that either shows the name of the page a visitor is on or the name of the company itself. Unless your business is nationally or globally known, for example Ford, there is a good chance you won’t be seen by Web users searching for your services. A good SEO plan will include a title that fits your site’s target keywords and keyword phrases.

Keyword Meta tags are useful to reinforce the keywords and phrases you want to have indexed from your site. This will aid to a boost in your search engine rankings as well. Be sure that words used in the keyword tag are also found throughout the content, otherwise the words in the keyword tag will be useless.

The Meta description tag allows you to influence the description of your website that spiders will place into the search engines. Typically, a wise strategy is to either include the first couple of lines in your content or a brief summary about the page itself with a few keywords. A good description does not need to be a whole paragraph of information. Usually one sentence of 7-15 words is all that is needed.

Below is an example of quality SEO Meta tags and non-functional tags.

Fig. 1: Search Engine Optimized Meta Tags

Search Engine Optimized Meta Tags

Fig. 2: Typical Meta Tags

Typical Meta Tags