SEF Url Page Names

In typical Web page design, pages are named to match what the menu button or text link says. For example, a button labeled Services will likely go to a page named When utilizing a professional SEO strategy, basic page names will not help index your site into the search engines. Instead a better option is to name the page with target keywords and/or words on the page itself.

For example, if you are a mechanic located in North Houston you don’t want to simply name services page as services.html, a better choice would be mechanic-service-north-houston.html. This will fit better with target keywords and will likely be included in the content as well.

Another option that may benefit your site is to break apart portions of the site to make more pages. In our mechanic example, instead of a services page why not have multiple pages that mention a specific job you perform and naming the pages to match.

  • Brake Checks – brake-check-service.html
  • Oil Change – oil-change-north-houston.html
  • Inspection – houston-mehcanic-inspection.html
  • Tune-up Services – north-houton-mechanic-service.html